The NewsMarket

The NewsMarket is based in London, with global offices throughout the world. The NewsMarket is a global news distribution platform used by its clients to communicate to TV, journalists, bloggers and consumers.  They offer unrivaled broadcast quality content to support newsrooms 24/7/365.  The company combines the platform with an embeddable, web-based streaming video player to support the marketing efforts of global brands, organizations, and agencies including Google, NATO, Panasonic, UNICEF, adidas, Intel, IBM, Rolls-Royce, Volvo Trucks and many more.

TheNewsMarket needed a website to show off their impressive portfolio of work, introduce their team and to enable them to blog and promote events regularly. A new crisp, corporate and contemporary marketing website, housing a blog and case studies to promote thenewsmarket brand.

Sharing the story of brands is what thenewsmarket is about and so it made sense to create images that showcase the brands that they work with.  This is a custom WordPress design with a full screen slider on the home page tells the visitor exactly what the business does and who their clients are.  The case studies and news items are displayed in an attractive grid format, sortable by category. Icons and buttons in this website support the main theme colours. The heading font is Oswald and the main body font is the contemporary Aller. Some individual pages have custom designs, like the Get a Newsroom page, which includes a full screen background image with video.  This page also has its own image based navigation.

As part of the freelance website design project I also designed the Adidas and Volvo Trucks promotional rotating slides for the home page.

“Thank you again, so much. You have been amazing.”

Anna Isaac
The NewsMarket

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