Things to Check When Hiring a Web Designer

If you are looking at building a new website then you will probably already know that there are a large number freelance web designers out there with a very varied price range.

Sometimes freelancers will offer lower rates than agencies and there are pros and cons for both.  With freelancers it’s worth checking to see if they are part-timers or students, as this working relationship may not last. For example, will the freelance web designer still be in business this time next year? Find out how long they’ve been in business and what their future plans are. It is best to opt for a full-time freelancer.

If you do decide to go with a freelance web designer everything needs to be clear from the start:

  1. Can they provide you with a documented process for your project?  You should know exactly what will happen and when.
  2. Will you receive a definitive quotation and specification for the project?  It should detail exactly what you will get for your money from design through development to launch.
  3. Will you retain control of your hosting and domain in your own name?
  4. Will your site be optimised for Google? Your site should be search engine friendly, with the right structure and tags built-in from the ground up.
  5. Will your site be mobile friendly? Built to be mobile responsive and work across a range of devices from smart phone to tablet to large TV.
  6. What do their clients say about them?  You should be able to see a list of genuine testimonials on their website.  Check their portfolio and make sure the testimonials match the projects they have done.
  7. Do they have a proven track record in working with your chosen platform?  Your website should conform to standards and guidelines.
  8. What are the maintenance and support arrangements? There should be a form of maintenance contract ongoing and ideally a free support period after launch.
  9. Is testing included in the specification? Your website should be rigorously tested across a range of browsers and devices to make sure your visitors get the best experience regardless of where or how they access your website.
  10. Is everything under one roof or will you have to get part of your project completed elsewhere?

It goes without saying that with me, the answer to all of those questions is YES.  Every project comes with a full specification, reviewed and approved by you before the project starts.  Testing is a major part of every project.  A defined project plan makes sure we are all happy from start to finish!

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