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Why Hire a Professional Freelance Web Designer?

There is some really important stuff to consider when you get a new website:

  • The credibility of your business and a consistent brand message.
  • A great user interface and user experience
  • Good structured coding
  • SEO
  • Mobile devices
  • Security and standards compliance.
  • Above all, you have your own business to run!

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We Need to Remember What’s Important

First impressions are everything and choosing the right graphics, colour schemes, fonts and layouts are vital if we are going to attract your target market.  I make custom icons, buttons and other graphics for all of my clients.

We need to dig deeper too, find out who you are talking to and what you want them to do when they visit your site – encourage them with clear calls to action.

We can’t forget content strategy, the written elements of your website need to correspond with your brand vision and your goals. The success of your site depends on a clear content strategy.


It’s about Collaboration

We need to communicate and keep communicating through the whole process. It’s important that there is total clarity between us, so I have a complete understanding of your business, your product, your vision, your objectives and your customers. Then, when I produce a bespoke web design for you, there is a very strong chance that you will love it straight away. I learned a lot about the importance of excellent customer service is my previous career.


Make Sure Your Freelance Web Designer is a Professional

Not all web designers are equal and it’s important that you know who you are dealing with.  Check if they have a proven track record and longevity, what do their clients say about them?  It’s important that you get a written quote and there is a definitive process.  Will they provide you with ongoing support?

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The Web Design Process

The Web Design Process


Services in Detail

Website Design

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Mobile Responsive Design

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Maintenance & Support

Free support for the first 6 months on all new WordPress website design projects. Optional ongoing maintenance & support... more ›