What I love about being a freelance web designer

Tech is Fun

I love working with new technology and code and seeing what it can do. I am a complete geek at heart and it’s even more fun when it doesn’t work first time, so I have to spend ages fixing it. I learn new things ever day, it’s the only way to keep up with all of the new tech – I wouldn’t have it any other way!


The flexibility has to be the very best thing. I can work from home, in fact I can work from virtually anywhere I want in the world just as efficiently as I can from my office in Dorset. I was recently tempted by a job offer paying a large salary every year and my immediate thought was that 4 weeks holiday a year and having to travel to an office every day would no longer suit me. I have been freelance for far too long.

Don’t get me wrong, being self employed can have it’s down side in terms of uncertainty but touch wood, I have been busy for the past 14 years of running this business and long may that continue.

My Clients

I work every day with some really great clients. We very much work together and I work with many people who have a bit of a fear of technology. There is nothing better than creating their online dream for them and then seeing them leave their comfort zone to actually embrace the technology and start to manage their own website. I am always there to help of course but seeing them achieve what they never thought they could is amazing.

There has only been one client in 14 years who was extremely difficult to work with. I had to work with their own design and they hadn’t considered that it would look different on an iPad to a desktop screen and that caused a huge problem, despite the fact that I had been very clear in the specification about the nature of a responsive design. Then they demanded lots of functionality that had not been factored into the quote and threatened to not pay me for any of the project if I added on the extra costs.

I got through it and the next client was a pleasure to work with and made me realise what was so truly good about my business.


Love it, I have worked as a WordPress designer for over a decade. I love the code, the ease of use and the massive team that care for it and take it forward every day of its life. I tried a few platforms before I decided to stick with WordPress and it really is heads and shoulders above the rest. It is fast, secure, great for SEO and above all gives my clients the tools they need to truly manage their online presence.


I love running my Websites that Work workshops. I cover things to look out for on your website from making sure it is clear what you do to effective calls to action. I cover tips on navigation, use of photographs, text layouts and lots more. Anything that helps ensure that your Website works hard for you and works technically for your clients.


I do lots of networking and enjoy meeting up with people again and again. It becomes a bit like the corporate office environment without the physical office. You feel you are part of something without the downsides that corporate life can bring.

I am also sponsoring the Successful Women in Business Awards this year and I cannot wait to see the nominations. Exciting times ahead!

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