Why I Personally Choose WordPress

I write lots of posts about why WordPress is right for your business, or why you should choose WordPress but I realised that I have never really spoken about what it is that I love so much about it. I think it’s important for my clients to know what makes me want to work with WordPress and why I will continue to do so for many years to come.

I have yet to find a website type we can’t build

There are all kinds of websites out there doing all kinds of things. Everyone wants something that is just a little bit different. Websites come in all shapes and sizes from online selling to business listings to restaurant menus to simple brochure websites and there is often that little tweak needed to meet the particular requirements of any one client. I have never found myself in a position where I couldn’t create the type of website I needed to with WordPress.

There is no design that cannot be developed into a live website

Web design comes in all shapes and sizes and I have not only built my own designs over the years but also designs for other agencies.  I have never found myself in a position where I have had to go back and say, I am sorry I cannot do that. I have gone back and said that something might flow better if they did it another way, or made a design tweak because something is not feasible but that is a different thing. WordPress lends itself perfectly to responsive design so Websites look fabulous, no matter what device the visitor is using.


You can start small

Budget might mean that you cannot afford to implement all of the bells and whistles you would like from the very start. Equally you might not be ready as a business for increased functionality like order fulfilment. The thing I really like about WordPress is that you can start small with just a brochure site and later on add other things like a blog, an online store, classified listings or anything else you could want. It’s scaleable and future proof.

There are standards

They have coding standards and theme development guidelines. Good developers will follow these guidelines and ensure that every theme they build complies. This is great because it brings a uniformity to code and that means that no matter who writes it, another qualified WordPress developer should be able to pick it up and work with it. Put simply it ensures that everything is done right and you can trust your build 100% if it passes the WordPress theme test.

There is a mountain of support

Web developers can’t know everything and there are times when they need to get some support or ask a few questions. It is good to know that is available whenever I need it. I haven’t had to ask too many questions in recent years but I have enjoyed logging in to help others with their questions. I think it is the feeling of camaraderie, particularly when you work from home and knowing there is always a friend on hand when you need one.


It is regularly updated and improved

This is probably one of the best things about it. You know that whenever you download WordPress you will get a state of the art solution. The security of the platform is being constantly monitored and if a vulnerability is discovered it is fixed straight away. That is something that is really taken as a given but what is really special about WordPress is the way that innovation never stops. The team are always looking for ways that the platform can be improved and provide solutions to make the user’s life simpler. Soon to come along will be Gutenberg, a completely new editing experience, which will give website owners layout options that they have never had before. Absolutely brilliant!

I can work from home

The internet is really what allows me to work from anywhere rather than WordPress but if WordPress did not have a fantastic infrastructure that I can 100% trust, my life would be a heck of a lot harder.

So there you go, that is exactly what it means to me and why I am such a loyal WordPress supporter.

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