Fab Feedback on Twitter from Tanya Page

Such great feedback to receive from Tanya Page via Twitter. What is even more pleasing is that it is a couple of years now since I built the website for Tanya and she is still delighted with it, that is exactly the way it should be.

This was such a fun and quirky website to design and build. Tanya was looking for a bookshelf to feature her books and surrounded by her wonderful characters. I love designing all kinds of webistes but every now and again I get a chance to do something a little different and this was certainly that.

The beauty of a unique design is that it will never date. Tanya had one published book when we first built the site but is now the proud author of six beautifully illustred children’s books. This one is great fun for children as images tilt when they go to click them. There is a page full of line drawings that can be downloaded for colouring, on here the drawings turn 360 degrees when the child goes to investigate further.

Freelance web design for children's author

Tanya created Victoria Mouse to introduce children to different areas of London, suggesting possible days out and encouraging conversations to follow. Victoria has a heart of gold, but always manages to get herself into a spot of bother, not unlike Tanya (her words) and many other children she knows.

The Chilli and Pickles stories are based on Tanya’s own dogs, Chilli and Lucy, who provide her with no end of inspiration. It’s a lovely story …

Chilli and Lucy (aka Pickles) were both rescued from bad starts in life. Chilli was saved from the pound and Lucy was saved from the shed that she had been locked in for the first five months of her life. Both were scared when we got them, but after much love and patience (on both sides) they have become the most beautiful companions. Chilli likes nothing more than having cuddles on the sofa and Lucy likes bouncing (Tigger style). There are so many unwanted animals taken to rescue centres each year, not all of them make it. Chilli and Lucy are two of the lucky ones.

From https://tanyajpage.co.uk/

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