What a Lovely Surprise

Happy website client gift

The gift arrived yesterday and it was such a surprise. The website belongs to a Parish Council and it was something I built over 10 years ago, I have not heard from them at all for several years.

They have always maintained the website themselves so as to keep costs down. However, the updates had not been done and the website got hacked! The hosting company had suspended their website and taken it offline for security reasons so the request for help was pretty urgent.

Within 48 hours I cleared out all of the hacked files, thoroughly checked the database, changed all relevant passwords and restored the WordPress installation. I updated all plugins and ensured that we had a completely clean website.

Even when clients no longer have a maintenance contract with me I will always do my best to help when they need it. Naturally this ad-hoc work is not free, I charge my hourly rate and a hacked website can take a few hours to clear so…

Update Regularly

When you are stuck at the other end with no IT help and your website is down it can be a bit daunting but it can also be prevented by carrying out regular updates.

Your WordPress website will tell you when there are updates available it is a matter of clicking a few buttons to implement the updates. Help on that here ยป

Hacking is not personal, hackers use robots to scan millions of sites to find vulnerabilities. If your website is kept up to date they cannot get in, it is that simple.

Strong Passwords

These are absolutely essential. WordPress automatically generates very strong passwords, which are impossible to remember. That is the idea because that also makes them impossible to guess. I cannot stress how important it is that you use the WordPress generated password in your website. If you have an old password in standard text format then please change it.

Stay secure online.

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