New WordPress Design for Mukima House

First of all WOW! LOVE IT!! All in all, AMAZING WORK, THANK YOU!!
… we haven’t worked with such a professional, quick and un-fussy designer before, so we really do mean it!

I go on about this quite a lot but to get a reaction to a web design like this you need to have listened to the client and understand exactly what they want and that is why I ask a whole host of questions.  I totally understood what Mukima were looking for when I started building the web design composition in Photoshop and so when I first presented it to them I could be 99% sure that it was going to please them.

Some people prefer to design websites in the browser. That means they build the website as they design, I think this restricts the design process.  I also think that fundamental elements can be forgotten if you are trying to design and develop at the same time.  I think I know why they might do it and that is because they are not confident that they will be able to exactly replicate their Photoshop design when they come to build the website, hence they feel safer designing in the browser.  A good experienced web developer does not need to worry about things like this.

Web design is a process and I believe that the creativity side should be kept separate to the development side.  Once the initial home page design has been agreed it is probably acceptable to design subsequent pages in the browser but even then I prefer to flesh out a bit more of the creative side in Photoshop.

When we are dealing with a CMS like WordPress the home page will form the main template for the website and so the periphery design is agreed at that point, i.e. the header, footer and other common elements.  However, if you have an online store or even a blog there is a lot more that still needs to be designed.

I like to keep everything very clear so that clients know what they are getting at each stage of the process.  Clear communication is vital and so is getting back to people exactly when you promise you will.

I have been a web designer for over a decade and my experience has taught me a lot in terms of how to deliver a successful project that will please my clients and their website visitors.

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