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Responsive web design for sailing company

Thank you for everything that you have done with the website!! it’s absolutely fantastic and very exciting that it’s now live.

I met James in Falmouth and we talked about this new web design project.  As he told me more and more I realised what a fabulous project it was going to be and I loved every minute of it.

James has skippered many traditional vessels larger than Eda and made quite an impression down in Cornwall. He is famous for creating new voyages like the Pure Wind Challenge and revelling in sailing just about everywhere under sail or sculling oar.

At 56ft on deck, 75ft overall and 15ft at her widest point Eda is a perfect sized vessel for charter. Voyages sail with 8 voyage crew and 3 professional crew. With no winches aboard, James encourages everyone to join in as this is a truly hands on sailing experience, using block and tackle to hoist up to 2210sq ft of sail!

James and mate, plus talented chef Chloe Gillatt have some run some amazing themed voyages sailing around the Celtic Seas of Scotland, plus there are early and late season voyages in the West Country.  Chloe has become legendary for her culinary creations.

I think my love of sailing and the sea definitely helped James in his decision to choose me for the web design project. Sailing holidays are a wonderful thing to do.  When we lived in Cornwall we were lucky enough to own a 32ft sailing boat, Aruanda.  She was moored at Port Navas and we used to sail out to sea via the Helford River.  There is nothing like that feeling of sailing, without any motors, on the open sea.  We saw some fabulous wildlife too, including dolphins and basking sharks.

That is nothing compared to the wildlife you book sailing holidays on Eda Frandsen.  The image galleries contain endless beautiful photographs, there is no wonder that this is a web design I loved then and still do now.

Further Feedback from a Potential Client:
I have just found your site after receiving my Guardian news email. What a fantastic amazing website!!

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