Motivate Me Academy

Motivation and lifestle website with online courses, workshops, Etsy store and blog custom designed with WordPress.

Motivate me Academy Home Page Design


Founded by personal development author and award-winning blogger Shelley Wilson, the Motivate Me Academy is a safe space for women to embrace their dreams, escape their demons, build happier and healthier lives, and to step into their personal power and live their most authentic life. It’s a community for ladies looking for that missing piece in their life, whether that’s motivation to learn something new, inspiration from the incredible case studies and interviews, or like-minded support via the VIP Facebook group.

The Challenge

The new website is to showcase ‘The Motivate Me Academy’ where Shelley shares her workshops, eCourses, books, and The Academy (a series of courses and articles on a variety of themes). The current Motivate Me blog will also be part of this website so as not to lose followers and engagement.   Shelley was looking for something completely unique based on her new branding and colours, designed to appeal to her target market. The website must be professional in appearance but also visually striking to make an impact on site visitors.

The Solution

When I received the new logo from Shelley I knew this was going to be a joy to do, the colours were right up my street.  I designed backgrounds, buttons and icons to bring the branding right through the website.  The home page needed to feature the main elements, the workshops, eCourses and blog.  Other key elements were the links to Shelley’s books and author blog.  The newsletter signup box was a must to enable Shelley to stay in touch with her loyal follower base.  The font is Raleway, which is slightly more casual and welcoming – ideal for this website.

The website is built with WordPress and all of the award-winning blog content was imported from the original website along with all of the existing categories, tags and images.  New content types were set up for the eCourses and Workshops and there is an online store containing a live Etsy shop feed.  The home page has a pictorial post slider and plenty of beautiful image links to help visitors navigate to where they want to go.  It goes without saying that it is a responsive web design and looks great on all devices.

I truly enjoyed this project and working with Shelley has been a pleasure!

In Brief

  • Custom WordPress design
  • Standard web pages
  • Categorised blog with visitor commenting and social media sharing
  • Embedded Facebook and Twitter latest posts feeds
  • Etsy Store
  • Workshops and eCourses

I have LOVED working with you and can’t wait to show the world my fabulous website. I absolutely love everything about it. Thank you so much.