WooCommerce Development for Merchant & Found

Merchant & Found WooCommerce Online Store

It has been nothing but a pleasure working with you on my site and I am beyond super happy…. My site is like an extension of my DNA (scary thought) but so totally important and it is just magic to use and such a pleasure to work with you on. Thanks so much!

This was was genuinely a pleasure for me too, Paul is a great guy to work with. This is a WooCommerce online store and was a website development only project. Paul had his own designs and my job was to bring them to life with a brand new website to sell his fabulous furniture.

The name Merchant & Found comes from the fact that these guys love the honesty of being Merchants, buying and selling, keeping it simple, and they love to discover and hunt out the truly special pieces – the Found. They are designers at heart with lots of experience in the world of homewares and furniture. They have an eye for that unique piece of furniture that will set your home apart from the rest.

The website Development

This was quite an intricate build for me, it looks like a very simple website but often they are the most difficult as it must be very clean and contemporary. There was lots of customisation to get the perfect layout to match the designs. Elements appear as the visitor hovers over the tiles on the home page and the navigation menu ensures that everything is covered. The mobile navigation is streamlined to ensure that there is not miles of scrolling.

The job of the website is to showcase the products. Product detail pages contain all of the information, beautifully laid out with images in a grid format.

The very smooth basket and checkout process let the buyer progress without interruption. She can choose to pay by credit card or by PayPal. Once the transaction is complete the buyer will receive confirmation emails and updates when the product is shipped.

There is the Journal with latest news and events and The Edit contains information about the people that Merchant & Found admire – makers, designers, creators and more.

Building eCommerce online shops with WooCommerce is something that I love to do. WooCommerce is really versatile and lends itself perfectly to custom designs.

Complete web design service for a beautiful, perfectly structured website. Fully engage your visitors with a website that is Google ready, mobile friendly, easy to navigate and painless to manage.