Why WordPress is right for your Business

I have been a freelance WordPress designer for well over a decade and have tested other CMS platforms but they do not measure up. They either don’t offer the functionality, or the content management and editing interfaces are just too complex.  I have also tried other e-commerce solutions but there always seems to be something lacking, particularly if businesses want to have more than just an online shop. So for me, WordPress is simply the best.

It is trusted by the best

35% of the web uses WordPress, from personal blogs to the biggest news sites online.  You only have to look at the WordPress showcase to see the VIPs including big names like The Obama Foundation, Renault, Walt Disney, Toyota, Bloomberg, Microsoft (yes really) and Marks & Spencer, all proudly powered by WordPress.  Well if it’s good enough for them …

It is highly customisable

The WordPress platform is free and it is full of custom designs, themes, features, and plugins. If you want your website to have a certain design, you can find a theme that suits your needs.  Or of course you can have a custom WordPress design with a theme built to your exact specification. There are also a lot of great plugins to help you with your design even more.


Scaling up in the future is entirely possible, with over 10,000 extensions – many free. This means that the site can evolve as required because there are a plethora of plugins to add functionality and features.  For online stores you cannot beat WooCommerce or Easy Digital Downloads.  WordPress can do pretty much anything you want it to with the right plugins.  Custom post types mean the sky is the limit, you can create job boards, menus, testimonials, classified ads, meet the team, listings pages and loads more.  You can add things as and when you need and as budget allows. Whatever you want it to be it can happen with a WordPress design.

Powerful Integration

WordPress integrates with the best known email platforms such as MailChimp or Aweber.  It can integrate with payment gateways such as SagePay, PayPal or Stripe.   Then there are live chat platforms like Zendesk, then there is membership and learning management. I could go on ….

Mobile responsive

The bulk of the themes available today are mobile responsive but it is always worth checking.  If you are having a bespoke theme built, check your specification to ensure that mobile friendly pages are included.  WordPress has done a lot in recent times to ensure that images are resized correctly for all screen sizes.  Smaller images are delivered to mobile devices to ensure that pages always load quickly. My WordPress design projects are always mobile responsive.

Massive support

The WordPress community is big and vibrant. You will have no trouble finding someone who knows WordPress at any level, from basic understanding to deep knowledge.

WordPress’ popularity makes it a target for hackers but they take the security of their users very seriously. The WordPress platform has dedicated security teams detecting and fixing web exploits.  This makes WordPress more secure and better designed than most.   You never hear of a hack or a security breach happening with good quality hosting.  You get what you pay for and you need to pay good money for a hosting company that can support you.  This does not only apply to WordPress, this applies to any website platform that relies on login interfaces for content management.

Great SEO

Google Sunrise Doodle

Out of the box WordPress is pretty SEO friendly.  Add Yoast SEO for WordPress and you are cooking on gas.  There are plenty of plugins to encourage social media sharing and there is nothing better for driving traffic back to your site.

You own it

With a WordPress website you do not become trapped with a developer from whom you cannot escape. It’s Open-source so you are always free to find a new developer and are bound only by a continued quality of service.  You can of course do everything yourself but with WordPress (and any CMS) comes great responsibility, you need to make sure you carry out updates as and when they become available.  This will ensure that your website stays secure and keeps up with modern standards.

With WordPress, you get to control every aspect of your website. From data, to WordPress design, to features and beyond, you choose every step of the way.

In Conclusion

When I compare the WordPress I knew 9 years ago to that of today, the whole evolution process has been incredible.  It has come from a being a simple blogging platform to providing some of the most complex applications on the internet, there are no bounds.  WordPress is continuing to develop their Application Programming Interface (WordPress REST API), which gives freedom to create, read and update WordPress content from pretty much anywhere.  The New York Times is using this in real life today for journalists to get their articles through to their website in super quick time.

Whatever you want to be online we can make it happen with WordPress, whether you want to do it all today or hold a bit back for the future, it’s ready for you.  Your website will look great wherever and however your users access it and you will be in good stead to get found on Google.  Your website belongs to you 100% and there is great support. So you have everything you could need for a top-notch website and all from a single platform. Then finally, you are in excellent company when you choose this cutting edge solution for your online presence.

I cannot wait to see this fabulous platform continue to grow and evolve over the next decade.  Simply the best!

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