Easy Video & Twitter Embeds

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More wonders of WordPress.  It is now so much easier to embed tweets and Videos in your WordPress page or post.  No more worrying about HTML code embeds, all you need is the web address for the item you want to embed.

Embedding a YouTube Video

  1. Find the video that you want to embed.
  2. Click on share, you will see the link just below the video.
  3. Copy the link as per the screenshot below
  4. Return to your post and paste the link into your post where you want the video to appear.

YouTube Embed

Here is my link to Sir David Attenborough and the Baby Rhino but of course you can embed any video you want:

You can do this for other video sources too, such as Vimeo.

Easy peasy 🙂

Embedding a Tweet

It is great to get positive feedback on Twitter and then be able to display that tweet like this:

1) Find the full URL (web address) for the Tweet – how find a Tweet’s URL:

  • Locate the Tweet anywhere on twitter.com.
  • Click on the Tweet (you can click anywhere in the Tweet). The Tweet will expand to a slightly larger size and will have more information on the bottom about when that Tweet was posted.
  • Click on Details next to the Tweet’s timestamp.
  • Copy the URL that shows up in your browser’s address bar.

2) Return to your post and paste in the URL into your post where you want the Tweet to appear. You can see the URL highlighted in blue in the screenshot below.

Twitter Embed

That’s it!

Credit & thanks to:  Steph Yiu for her original post on this subject


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