WordPress Hosting – getting set up

WordPress Hosting Requirements, nuts and bolts

If you are going to set up a WordPress CMS website, you will need to make sure that your hosting company can offer you the minimum required server specification for WordPress below.

A MySQL database will need to be provisioned, the server will also need to support PHP – minimum requirements:

  • PHP 5.6 or greater
  • MySQL 5.5 or greater
  • The mod_rewrite Apache module

A hosting company should be able to confirm that they offer the above.  Hosting companies will be proud if they support WordPress installations, and the logo will usually appear on their website.  Many hosting companies will offer a ‘one-click install’ but if you are given the choice between a Windows or a Linux server when you set up your WordPress hosting, always choose Linux.  This has nothing to do with your local computer platform, it is purely for hosting.

The problem is that some web hosts are better at certain things than others.  I had an instance recently where someone had purchased a hosting package, which on the surface looked fine.  It  included a database and so should deliver what was needed for any open source CMS.  However, this wasn’t the case, the limitations placed on reading and writing certain files meant that the chosen product was never going to work properly.  If you think you would like to have your site built on a CMS platform such as WordPress, it is important to check that the host supports these services.

For those wanting to setup a WordPress website on their own, I recommend using managed WordPress solutions.  You don’t have to worry about security or doing your own updates, they do it all for you.  I think WP-Engine are the best but GoDaddy also offer a very good solution.

Alternatively, if you are using a professional web developer, just let them do it all for you!


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