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….I ran into your site and was curious because I saw that you haven’t posted in a while.  Your website is pretty amazing.  Just wanted to let you know I really appreciated the design.

This was feedback left on my client’s Facebook page about their website that I had designed.

It was a little bit of a wake up call, there could be lots of feedback out there that goes direct to my clients that I never even see. In my case today, taking a little time out to read through my client’s page resulted in a boon for me!  Unfortunately I cannot name and shame the contributor because the feedback was not addressed to me but it was a great thing to find.

It made me think and the first thing I did was to make sure that I am following all of my clients on Facebook and Twitter plus any other channels where they are active.   When I build a website there comes a point where I need to add in all of the social media links and I always take the time out to make sure I am following my client on all available channels but it was good to check.  I also did some hashtag searching too just to make sure I was not missing anything there.

The benefit of keeping up with my clients on social media is that I am able to continue to interact with them regularly, support them by retweeting and sharing their posts and stay in touch without the need for regular phone calls or emails.  That way I hope they won’t forget me but more importantly they know that I will always be there to support them.

As a freelance designer I tend to work on consecutive projects, doing my best to close one off before starting a new one, so it could be easy to lose track of clients without social media.  Some of them subscribe to a maintenance contact, which means that I am always hands on with the website but for those who don’t take that option, social media is the kingpin for staying in touch.

So the moral of the story is that social media is key to maintaining contact for a freelance designer and you never know when you will find something really great!

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