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Following on from the Facebook for business workshop I gave for Leading Women UK, here are the highlights.

Facebook for Business

I always used to think of Facebook as a business to consumer environment, it seems I was wrong.  An astonishing 41% of business to business customers have generated a customer with Facebook.  As of February there were 65 million Facebook business pages.

People are getting better at ignoring marketing messages such as unsolicited calls and unsolicited spam email. Now they visit social networks for answers to their questions and we need to make sure we are there to answer them.


You may have more than one business goal and these may change over time but defining your priorities is a great first step.

Your strategy could be:

Drive Traffic to your website increase visitors and make it easier for people to find and share information about your business.

Increase Online Sales find new customers and deepen relationships with people who’ll click through and buy.

Launch a New Product generate excitement and maintain momentum around a new product or service.

Build Awareness state what makes your business unique and stay top-of-mind for future product decisions.

Goals to set:

  • Get found by people who are searching for your products or services
  • Connect and engage with current and potential followers and customers
  • Create a community around your business
  • Promote the content you create including webinars, ebooks, blog articles, press releases, videos and photos.
  • Generate leads and customers for your business!

Business Page Basics

  • You can designate multiple page administrators
  • Pages are public by default, allowing them to rank in Facebook searches and in Google search engine results. Personal pages are not public.
  • Pages are categorised (chosen by you) which helps your business appear in relevant results.
  • Anyone can become a follower and Like a Facebook business page, whereas personal profiles require mutual acceptance.
  • Business fans and personal friends always stay separate.  Your friends don’t automatically become your fans or vice versa.

Set a great cover photo to suit your business

This is the large image that forms the main banner at the top of your Facebook page. If you want to get the dimensions exact before you upload it should be 828 pixels wide by 315 pixels high.

Here are some examples:

Innocent drinks

Cadbury Chocolate

CW Chamber of Commerce

Set your Facebook profile picture.  
This is the little icon or logo.  If you want to get it to exact size before you upload, it should be 180 pixels square.  This is the image that appears to the left of your main banner and next to all posts and comments you make.  You can see just above, Cadbury use their main logo with the iconic purple background background and Innocent a white background.  If you are a small business you might just want to use a photo of you to keep it more personal.

Claim your Facebook name
Click on the about tab under your main cover photo and select page info. Make sure your page web address or URL has the name of your business included.  e.g. www.facebook.com/yourbusinessname

Update the about section
Under about » page info you should add a company overview and a long description at the very least.  This should not be too long, just enough to capture the visitor’s attention and interest.  You should be very clear about what you do.

Add your Address
Add your full address.  If you work from home you can choose to select “inside somewhere else” from the drop down and then just add your town and postcode.

Add your subcategories
Once you have added an address, you will be given the option to add subcategories.  Make sure you state your main business activities, e.g. bakery, patisserie, cake decoration.

Organise your apps

Social Media

You can connect various social media apps to your business page. A few of these apps include Pinterest, Instagram and Twitter. These apps allow you to connect your social media accounts and display your updates/posts/tweets.

Woobox allows you to add social media applications to your page including Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube and more.

Pinterest on my Facebook page

Online store

You can add an online store to Facebook there are several apps.  Easy Social Shop can import your products from Ebay, Amazon, Etsy, Shopify, Magento and more.

You can find the app here: https://www.facebook.com/easysocialshop/ 

Easy social shop

MailChimp Newsletter Sign up form

MailChimp is a brilliant platform for generating email newsletters.  It is easy to get going and best of all it is free.  Click the link below to get instructions for adding a MailChimp sign up form to your Facebook page.


MailChimp sign up form for Facebook

Reorganise your tabs to show your apps

Once you have added some apps to your page you can reorganise your tabs so that people can easily find what you want them to.

You can see your tabs at the left of the page, directly underneath your profile photo.

Reorder Tabs and Sections
Keep in mind that you can’t reorder the Home tab.
To reorder tabs and sections:
    1. Go to your Page and click Settings
    1. Click Edit Page in the left column
  1. Click and drag a tab to reorder it

You can also add and remove tabs and sections.

Hide & Pin

By clicking the arrow at the top right of a post you can:

Hide it – hide the post from your timeline, it could be an out of date offer or something time specific

Pin it – anchor it to the top of your timeline for up to seven days, something that you don’t want buried

Hide & Pin via the down arrow

Enable Facebook messages

You can now allow users to send personal messages to your page, making it easier for you to have private conversations with your followers.

Feature Milestones

Highlight the biggest accomplishments for your business, such as fan growth, award wins, product releases etc. You can create milestones for past events.

  • Click the three dots next to “liked” “shared” under the cover photo
  • Scroll down to the bottom and milestones is there.
  • You can add a new one and see all of the ones you have already created.

Creating a milestone


You can also create an event, again click on the three dots under your cover photo and scroll through the list.

This can be an event that you are hosting or an event that you would like your followers to know about, such as a country show where you are exhibiting.

Creating an event

Thinking about how to approach things

Understanding who you are aiming at and how your business can help them will help you to work out what to post.

Take a look at your competitors and see what is working for them.

Share what your customers like most e.g. photos, links, offers. This is trial and error and is based on what they respond to over time. Once you know what they like you can keep them happy.

Share things that you are genuinely excited about, it will show.

Everyone says you have to find your own voice. This is often overcomplicated but it is quite simple. Don’t use copied text written by someone else or try to be someone that you are not, just simply write in your own words.

Here are some tips:

  • Be interactive, fun and helpful. When people come to your page they are looking for entertainment and a connection to your brand. Publish visual content, the Facebook timeline places plenty of emphasis on videos and photos, so use that to your advantage. Posts including a photo can generate 2X more engagement than other post types. You can include reference to your personal life in your business page but keep it relevant.
  • Use your page to give people a sneak peek at new products or services. Give your followers perks such as coupons or discount codes.
  • Post industry news and useful tips and tricks for your followers. The page should not just be about self-promotion.
  • Connect and interact with partners and vendors to strengthen your relationship and your page credibility
  • Ask questions, post helpful tips to articles that your followers will like and share. This will enable you to develop a better relationship with your community.

Promoting your page

ENGAGE – Post a variety of content, from photos and status updates, to videos, events, and polls.

ASK – your audience questions and have them post their answers in the comments section of your post.

ADD VALUE – This can range from blog posts you have written, to relevant content written by others in your industry.

PAGE VISIBILITY – Let your audience in other networks know about your page. Add a “Like us” button in all emails and blog posts you generate.

RESPOND TO USERS – Respond to user questions and complaints. You must do this quickly

FRIENDS – invite your friends.

INVITE – your existing business contacts/clients – email.

SHARE – your page yourself

ADVERTISING – Use Facebook ads for paid promotion. To increase the reach of your brand name, you can use Facebook ads to promote your content and your business page. Facebook has an ad creator tool to help https://www.facebook.com/business/products/ads#create-tool

It’s not about the number of likes, it’s about the value to give to those who like you

If you only have a few likes and all of those people are sharing, you are broadening your reach considerably. This is so much better than hundreds of likes and nobody sharing.

View your pages feed

From your Facebook page you get the option to view your pages feed. This news feed will help you keep track of all of the pages you want to see as a business and keep them separate from your personal news feed.

This is particularly useful if you are selling to other businesses.

You can start liking businesses and engage with them in the same way that you do with your friends in your personal profile.

Once you have liked another page whilst acting as your business, you can comment on their activity as your business. This gives your business more visibility.

To be allowed the advantages of interacting in this way (and several other things) you must have your business page linked to your personal profile. Just make sure your personal profile is set up as the administrator for your business page and you will be good to go.

Confused? This video is entertaining and will certainly clarify things …

Posts to Page

Other people can post to your business page by tagging* your business name in their updates.

These posts will appear in your sidebar and you should interact and respond to them.

Check for spam regularly!


  • To tag a person start typing their name and select their profile from the drop down
  • To tag a page, type the @ symbol and then type the page’s name.
  • If you tag someone in a comment or post they get notified

Click on xxx People Reached at the bottom left of your post. It’s interesting!

People reached analysis

Emoji, smiley faces and more

There is a whole library of Facebook emoticons if you wish to use them 🙂


Measuring your success

You can easily view your activity by clicking the insights link at the top of the page.

Measuring Success

Once in insights, you can drill down to get some really useful information.

From the Facebook insight reports you will be able to see what works well and what doesn’t.

If it works, keep doing it, simple!

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