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“Thank you, you have done a very speedy job and I really like the simplicity and colours you have chosen for the site.”

I first met Helen Young when I started to get involved in networking when I was based in Cornwall.  Helen is a really friendly person and exceptionally good at networking, everyone knew her!  We used to enjoy some great meetings at the Falmouth Business club.  Helen wasn’t always so outgoing and friendly. Her own story tells how she grew up in a strict family environment, where emotions and feelings were suppressed. However she made the decision to change her old ‘life story’ into a new and more sustainable one. This spurred her on to find a way to cure myself through research and training from the continuous negative thoughts, beliefs and images in he head, to become the new positive Helen and the happier person she is today.

Through her own experiences, Helen recognises the importance of positive learning in formative years and developed her series of Adventure Stories for Learning. Helen says that a child is highly receptive between the ages of 4 and 9 years. This is an important and magical time in their lives, when they’re open to the ‘awe and wonder’ of all things new – even the tiniest things. It’s a time when children develop their connection to the world and sense of place giving them stability and grounding for life. Hellie’s World Books help teachers and parents to bring this connection more alive. Source: Hellie’s World Books

This website design is for an online store for a children’s author. Websites that involve children as well as adults are interesting ones to do and require some careful consideration.  Basically you want to put across the subject of the books and appeal to the child but equally you need to appeal to adults too.

This website design was a pleasure to do and I love the illustrations and images.

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