Web design for a pre-school or nursery

Web design for pre-school or nursery

I was looking through my files for something this morning and came across this.  It’s a web design I did years ago as part of my college course work. It’s a web design for a pre-school or nursery school and could easily be adapted to become a modern mobile responsive, content managed website.

It is bright and sunny and I thought I would put it on my site to cheer up a very murky day, I love strong colours and for the right project they look incredible.  The big image at the top is made up of a series of graphics – I made the balloons in Photoshop and they form the main navigation for the site.   I also created the sign post and rainbow and found the ball on stock photo websites.  If there were many more pages you would need a secondary navigation bar underneath.  The hand drawn Facebook and Twitter icons finish things off.

Bringing up to date

I think if I was going to do this design again today I would use different fonts to create a lot more impact.  Plus it is very much designed for desktop so it would need quite a bit of adapting to get it fit for mobile.  It just goes to show how long ago it was when I did it.  Things move on in web design all of the time and you can’t take your eye off the ball for a second.

A good deal more could be made of the main content area, you could add latest blog posts and more text.  Plus lots of images of the venue and activities.  It’s a starting point for the website as it stands.

It would be nice to see it live sometime, I might be lucky and someone might come along with a brief for something exactly like this.

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