Sign of a successful eCommerce website


This is one of the best sights I could see.  There is nothing makes me happier than to see my clients doing well.

This comes from the Wedding Converse eCommerce website.  They just couldn’t handle any more orders.  Within its first few weeks the website was soaring up the Google rankings and doing really well.  It has been up there ever since.

Once the visitors get to the website they want to stay and look around because whilst the products are beautiful in their own right, Saf and Sarah have also gone to the effort of getting fabulous photography.  This makes such a difference and if one photograph costs £5 but it leads to a single £100 sale it has all been worth it.

It was a long time back that I did my first ever eCommerce web design.  I have done more than a few since then.  The clients told me that they had professional photographs and I put hours into perfecting their design with dummy photographs because theirs weren’t quite ready.  Lessons to be learned there, their idea of professional photographs was not quite the same as mine!  I was expecting beautiful glossy images to showcase their products and in fact what arrived were images of small items on dingy grey backgrounds that looked absolutely awful.  It is so important that I have genuine and final photographs to design with because placeholders will never afford us the right look and feel.

So there we are, I always make sure I have sight of the images and the text content that will go into my eCommerce web designs now before I start.  That way I can do the perfect design for the products and ensure that the client gets the ultimate value for their money.

I’ve been a freelance web designer now for a long time and seen some things, interesting and sometimes even a bit shocking but I have learned a lot and continue to learn every day.  I love it, particularly when I see my clients get success like this.

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