Social Media Integrate and Interact

Social Media Strategy

These days a Social Media Strategy is vital

It starts with your website.  Most businesses are turning to blogging to create good quality, live content.  Writing articles about your business and your knowledge will build credibility and help you to gain trust in your market. Better engagement with customers through blogging and social media.

Blogging is great for SEO – amazingly, there are businesses who have never had to invest in search engine marketing because their website naturally brings traffic as a result of consistently publishing new blog posts about topics that interest them and their market. Blogging can drive more search engine traffic to your site. Google loves good quality content and so will your visitors.

Once you have crafted the perfect blog post you will want to share it through your social media channels. Once you start to share your posts and interact through social media you will have a whole new audience.

Driving Traffic to Your Website

You will of course be including links back to your website and these are what will drive people to visit your site. Once they get there you will have the right web design in place to guide them through your website and the right calls to action to persuade them to take the desired action.

Thus your website becomes the hub for all of your online activity, you can refer people back to your blog and to your website through adding a link to any Tweet, update or image. Driving traffic back to your site and growing your online credibility is what it is all about.

Implementing social media

Social media is a major player in the online presence for any business.

Once you have set up your new Facebook page or Twitter account you will want to flaunt them on your website.  We can add feeds so that people can see what you are up to.  That will persuade them to follow you and you will start to build your social media relationships.   Add links so that people can join you and interact through Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Stumble, LinkedIn, Instagram and Pinterest to name but a few.

There are various tools I can provide to set you on your way:

  • Sharing buttons for blog posts, products and other relevant items.
  • Social media sharing icons so that your customers can easily follow you.
  • Social media feeds in your website, for example a Twitter feed or a Facebook box.
  • Automatic posting – very time you create a new post it can be automatically shared on your chosen social networks.
  • Newsletter sign up boxes.

Why Social Media is so Important

Many people cannot get their heads around social media, some just don’t want to.  Whatever we feel, social media is huge and cannot be ignored.  Big brands are using Facebook and Twitter every day to market their wares.  Here are some global statistics, which are definitely food for thought.

The number of social media users has now passed 4.1 billion

Digital in 2018: Q3 Global Digital Statshot from We Are Social Singapore

  • More than 4.1 billion people are now online – 54% of world’s total population – up 8% on last year.
  • 3.3 billion people now use social media each month, 92 percent via mobile devices – up 11% on last year.
  • Mobile access now accounts for 52.5% of global internet traffic.
  • Facebook ad engagement has dropped by 20% but other platforms gain momentum.
  • 92 percent of the world’s internet users now visit online retailers each month.

Happy socialising!

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