SWIB Tribe saying lovely things

I have been a web designer for more years than I care to mention but it never stops being a delight to get a notification to say that someone has posted something good about you on social media.

The SWIB Tribe is a fantastic network for women in business of which I am of course a member. It was a pleasure to build their new website for them and I am so pleased to see they love it too.

It gets better, one of my fellow members then took the time to write something positive. The proof of the pudding is always in the eating and when the members themselves find the site easy to use and get what they need from it that means loads of job satisfaction for me.

This was quite a complex website to build as it includes online booking for events, online payment for memberships, member listings, event listings and a blog. There are franchised groups also feeding information into the main website so plenty of custom coding for me to do. I love a challenge and a bit of complexity and so this was just perfect for me.

SWIB Tribe is the place to be, if you are looking for supportive, warm and friendly networking that is all about you, your development and your business. Being part of a Tribe of successful women who are there for you in good times and bad, makes achieving your business dreams so much easier.

All meetings are now run online, in the same format with at least one personal or professional development session, structured networking to help you promote your business, one to one sessions to help build that important business relationship, as well as the opportunity to get support and advice from other business owners. You can find out more at swibtribe.com

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