WordPress 5.4 “Adderley” is released

The latest version of WordPress is now available for update. If you have a maintenance contract with me, your website has already been updated. If not, it is really important for security to keep your website at the latest WordPress version.

This is one of the really great things about WordPress, there is a whole team making sure the platform stays up to date with the latest technologies and remains safe and secure to use. That is why so many businesses choose WordPress.

The World has changed so much over the last few weeks with the virus. We begin to wonder if everything will ever be the same again. Then along comes WordPress, the update drops exactly when they said it would and it seems that people are still out there doing their thing and doing it well. It’s easy to think you are the only one still working at the moment but of course for millions, life goes on as normal.

Latest Update Highlights

More ways to make posts and pages come alive with your best images. More ways to bring your visitors in, and keep them engaged, with the richness of embedded media from the web’s top services.

More ways to make your vision real, and put blocks in the perfect place—even if a particular kind of block is new to you. More efficient processes.

And more speed everywhere, so as you build sections or galleries, or just type in a line of prose, you can feel how much faster your work flows.

5.4 helps with a variety of privacy issues around the world. So when users and stakeholders ask about regulatory compliance, or how your team handles user data, the answers should be a lot easier to get right.

There are lots of new and exciting things under the hood for developers too.

Full information can be seen at WordPress.org

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