Add a featured image in WordPress

A featured image in WordPress represents the contents, mood, or theme of a post or page. Posts and pages can have a single featured image, which many WordPress themes and tools can use to enhance the presentation of your site.  You will often see them used to create a uniform size for a list of posts.  Or as a full width post or page header image.

Featured images are important in many WordPress websites because developers can set their size to fit the theme and overall website design.  This means that when you upload a featured image it will automatically resize to fit the space.

Featured images can be used in WordPress custom content types as well, such as testimonials, case studies or portfolios.  It all depends on the configuration of the theme, or the settings that your developer creates if you are having a custom WordPress theme.

To add a featured image to a WordPress post, page or custom content type

  1. Click on the set featured image link at the bottom right hand side of the WordPress post editing screen.
    The set featured image link
  2. Upload your image (make sure your image is big enough to fit the largest space – usually a page header banner image).
    Upload image screen
  3. Once your image is uploaded, add your title and alt tags for the search engines. Then click on the blue button – set featured image.
    Adding your featured image
  4. You can now see your image at the bottom right hand side of the WordPress post editing screen.
  5. Click update or publish your post as normal.
    Your featured image appears on the post editing screen

To remove or change a featured image, simply re-open the WordPress post or page editor and click the remove featured image link in the Featured Image module.

To replace a featured image simply click on the image itself and either upload a new one or select another from the media library.

More on WordPress featured images from the Codex

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