Manually Change The Order of Your WordPress Posts

Have you ever wanted to see the posts in your WordPress blog appear in a different order, an order of your choosing?  It is a question that I get asked quite often.

You can manually stick a post to the front page or top of your WordPress blog but to get a set placing for each post you can amend the date that it was posted.

Posts are always displayed with the latest first, so if you change the dates of WordPress posts you can control where they appear in your blog list.

In the Publish box on the right hand size of your WordPress editor you can see “Published on: xxxx” at the bottom.

The Publishing Box

Simply click on the ‘Edit’ link and change the date to anything you would like.

Editing the date

Click OK and then the blue update button when you are done. Easy!

Using a WordPress Plugin

If you would like a more sophisticated drag and drop interface to organise your WordPress content, there is a plugin called post types order that you can use. So rather than having to go back and change the date on every WordPress post you can set up a simple drag and drop on your posts admin panel to reorder your WordPress posts quickly and efficiently.

  • Install and activate the plugin through the WordPress Install Plugins interface, you will need to be WordPress administrator level to do this. (If you have a maintenance contract with me or are still in your free support period you will need to ask me to do this for you)
  • A new settings page will be created within Settings > Post Types Order. Go to that and save the default options already ticked.
  • Navigate over to Posts » Re-Order and drag and drop your posts, pages or custom post types until you reach the desired result.
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