Why your website should be your internet marketing hub

Social Media Strategy

Following on from my recent post – Making your website, the central hub for social media marketing  – where I outlined some of the tools available to enhance your performance and link backs on social media. I thought I would explain a bit more about why your internet marketing and social media activity should start and end at your website.

Content marketing

A type of marketing that involves the creation and sharing of online material (such as videos, blogs, and social media posts) that does not explicitly promote a brand but is intended to stimulate interest in its products or services. Social media is an integral part of content marketing.
Source: Oxford Dictionaries

Or my definition:  Add some bait, cast a line, catch a fish and reel him in.  That is about the size of it!

Content marketing starts with a good website

Old typewriter to write a blog post

What content to market?  If you don’t have lots of marketable products, a great way to keep your website regularly updated with good content that people will want to read and share is to have a blog.

Your products, services or blog become your central point of reference, your central hub.  You can share snippets of content through social media channels with a link back to your website for people to see more and take action. This enforces your brand and brings people to your website, which is what you really want.

Content marketing ends with a good website

The key message here is to make sure that you include a link back to the relevant page, product or post when you post content on social media. Driving traffic to your website with the ultimate goal of increasing revenue for your business.  Tell people about a new product or service through social media and link back to the relevant content on your website so they can read it in context.

When you share items that link back to your site and someone shares that link, Google sees the activity. So the more popular you are in social media channels the higher you will rank in google search.  Create a bit of noise and you won’t just attract visitors you will attract search engines too.

Make sure your website has liking and sharing buttons so that others can share your content too.

Retaining a reliable constant

The other reason to centralise this content marketing activity to your website is so that you can pick and choose which social media networks work for you.  You are not restricted to one channel, you can share wherever you want. Facebook works very well for consumer facing industries but it is not for everyone. You might find Twitter is for you or if you are a particularly visual business with lots of lovely photos, Pinterest would work well.

Imagine all of your social media activity happens through a single platform that suddenly goes out of fashion.  Social media platforms can come and go but your website will be a constant and when trends change you can pick and choose platforms that suit you.  This gives your content real longevity and staying power.

So that’s why your central hub is important

Show off your knowledge, share your expertise and build trust through your own business blog. Share and keep sharing your products, posts and even your FAQs, right up until you get a bite on your fishing line.  In the end that is what good content marketing is all about.

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