WordPress 5.6.1 is released for update

WordPress 5.6 Simone

Make sure you update your website

WordPress 5.6.1 is a small release to patch a few security issues. Even so it is an important update to keep your website super secure, so please ensure that you update as soon as you possibly can by logging into WordPress and clicking on updates in the left hand menu.

The last major release was WordPress 5.6

This came with a whole raft of improvements and there is more on that here.

Greater layout flexibility

Bring your stories to life with more tools that let you edit your layout with or without code. Single column blocks, designs using mixed widths and columns, full-width headers, and gradients in your cover block—make small changes or big statements with equal ease!

More block patterns

In some themes, preconfigured block patterns make setting up standard pages on your site a breeze. Let the power of patterns streamline your workflow and save you clicks. Plus, share these features with clients, editors, and more.

Better video captioning

To help you add subtitles or captions to your videos, you can now upload them within your post or page. This makes it easier than ever to make your videos accessible for anyone who needs or prefers to use subtitles.

Expanding auto-updates

For years, only developers have been able to update WordPress automatically. But now you have that option, right in your dashboard. If this is your first site, you have auto-updates ready to go, right now! Upgrading an existing site? No problem! Everything is the same as it was before. This has a huge value as you no longer have to check for updates every week it is done for you and even works with plugins.

Accessibility Statement 

Even if you’re not an expert, you can start letting others know about your site’s commitment to accessibility! The new feature plugin includes template copy for you to edit and publish, and it’s written to support different contexts and jurisdictions.  

Built-in Patterns

If you’ve not had the chance to play with block patterns yet, all default themes now feature a range of block patterns that let you master complex layouts with minimal effort. Customize the patterns to your liking with the copy, images, and colors that fit your story or brand. 

Plus the New 2021 Theme

WordPress 2021 Theme
WordPress 2021 Theme
The new theme offers a range of pastel colours.
The new theme offers a range of pastel colours.

.. and a couple for developers.

  • Beta-compatibility for PHP 8.0
  • Application password support for the REST API
  • Updates to jQuery
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